Hon.Kennedy Agyapong

Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has described his constituents as a bunch of lazy, ungrateful and wicked-minded people who do not want to work in order to fend for their families but are only interested in being dolled with money, MyNewsGh.com reports.

According to him, he has consistently made an effort to establish a factory in Assin to employ residents but they have in one way or the other sabotage the efforts to the extent that they left parts of the equipment to be stolen rendering it ineffective.

In a recent interview he granted a local journalist in the area MyNewsGh.com obtained the audio, a seeming angry businessman said he has been habouring the pain of the conduct of his people for long and the time had come to voice out his frustration.“Truth be told, I will not establish the factory here. If you are serious and want me to buy your produce I will do that but to put up a factory here which will be destroyed I will never do that.

I am not afraid of anyone and will speak the truth to your face. When they travel out of this town they are hardworking but when here they are lazy. I am not afraid of anyone. Will tell you straight else they will never change”, he angrily stated.

Explaining what has provoked his anger, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) firebrand stated “I cultivated about 598 acres of rice which stretched from Assin Dompim to Assin Asempaneye with 800 workers but at the end, they didn’t even harvest 1000 bags of rice. You see that the Assin Nyankomasi fruit factory has also not functioned efficiently.

One of the farmers said when he brought his oranges the guys who loaded the produce were not paid so he’s sending his produce to others in Burkina Faso. If you don’t change your bad mindset”.Continuing his reason for lashing out at the constituents he said “When you are establishing anything here, the workers from the community feel they are doing you are favour.

They are wicked-minded and hate to work. Look at the Dompem factory, later they allowed the machines to be stolen. I wanted to dash it to someone but they have stolen all the electrical panels. They used the ceiling to steal parts of the machine rendering the machine useless.If you do not stop your wickedness, we will always come and distribute things to you this way and leave.

I have haboured this issue in me for long. We all want to come home and develop but the mindset of residents of Assin makes it difficult for development to go on. I have seen you enjoy me coming around and dolling out money to you…carry on if that is what excites you. Unless you change, if you do not change, don’t expect anything good”, he advised.
Source: Mynewsgh.com