Artist Guide ; How can you “Blow” as an artist ?

Being a good musician is not an easy thing to achieve. It takes a lot of hard work, humility, practice and patience. Even if you reach the level of a “top artist”, it doesn’t guarantee you great success. 

Specifically, it’s very difficult in our Ghanaian music industry to attract the attention of managers, producers, sound engineers or labels and get them interested in your music. For this reason, some of our artists are finding it difficult to make a breakthrough or “blow” and also become noticeable or popular.

However, the following steps are going to help you to achieve that breakthrough because you also need to understand the business side of things to blow as an artist.


Thus, one of the ways to attract attention and spread the word about yourself is to give an eventful or remarkable live performance every time. This means that you are an artist, but you are also an entertainer and if you are to entertain people, they will have more fun at your show and remember it for a long time. Don’t be shy, you need to display confidence in your own way.


Your singing or rapping could be flawless but nobody will care about that if there’s no story behind it. For many music lovers, this is the entry they need. When they hear a good story, they will pay attention to that artist and be open to listening to their music. So make sure that you work hard on your songs and deliver a memorable musical experience. 


Meet and connect with as many musicians and respect them too, and try to collaborate on mutual projects. Who knows, you might even get ideas for new projects. Contact or Dm other musicians, even if you don’t know them, send them your work and wait for their responses. Let’s patience be the key. It won’t be easy, but once someone likes what you do, you might get a chance to make better contacts and collaborate on a song.

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