The Minority in Parliament is blaming the NDC shooting in the Ashanti Region on a lack of law enforcement across the country.

Addressing the media in Parliament, Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu called on the security agencies to be swift in arresting and prosecuting perpetrators.
He expressed worry over the crippling insecurity and emergence of violence in the country, stressing that it poses serious threats to Ghana’s democracy.“Many of you will recall when the President appeared in Parliament in one of the State of the Nation Addresses; I reminded him that he was the Commander in charge of the Ghana Armed Forces and not the Invisible Forces.

“It was to send this message that as president, his primary responsibility is the security of the citizens of Ghana and law enforcement, and therefore he needs to be up and doing,” Mr. Iddrisu further stressed.Speaking about the shooting of some two persons at the Ashanti Region office of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on Monday, the Minority Leader said the perpetrators are able to carry out such an action because there are no stringent measures to enforce law and order in the country.

On Monday, some two persons were reported to have been shot by some men alleged to be members of NDC vigilante group The Hawks while the regional executives were in a meeting with some their national counterparts.

Mr Iddrisu said security agencies must take charge of security situations in the country, calling for swift action in bringing perpetrators of Monday’s incident to book..
“In the matter of the happenings in Kumasi, the law must deal strictly, decisively and ruthlessly with any person associated with the event.

“What I do know, again it points to law enforcement failure. If two persons were on a motorbike and now you are already mentioning other names…from what we hear, they say they were on motorbikes, and I am assuming that rightly two persons might have been on the motorbike; close in on them as your primary evidence.
“But if you already have assumption and presumptions, it is worrying. It must be dealt with as a criminal case,” Haruna Iddrisu said.

He further said there is the need for government to take a holistic approach in dealing with the growing insecurity in the country.“We need to have a national conversation on improving our democratic practice [and] doing away with vigilantism,” he stated.

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