President Trump sent his wishes to Ghana on the 62nd independence day- But it’s an irony statement .

The former president of the United States of America has sent his wishes to Ghanaians on their 62nd independence day.

” l wish all Ghanaians a happy independence day. I can see Ghana is growing but not matured”.


President Trump feather explained his statement,indicating that Ghana is growing in terms of age but not in terms of development. “I would be happy if government of Ghana led by Nana Addo would strengthens it economy in other to create jobs for it citizens”, he said.

He again made a clear statement ,by saying that, Ghana politicians just waste tax payers money outside the country with their girlfriends instead of using the money for nation building.

Ghana is among one of the most Africa countries which have what it takes to become rich but Ghana is living in extreme poverty.


He asked, who could be the cause? The leaders or the citizens?. President Trump puts the blame on the leaders.

Africa politicians are the greater share holders in some America big companies . “I don’t know why they can’t create job for their own people. “

If l sees Africans on the street working hard to earn a living here in America , l feels so bad . Africans think that America is the heaven of success but they don’t know that our success comes from Africa , he said.


Should America have had these natural resources that the Africans are wasting, by now America would’ve been on different planet.

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  1. Prince gadasu says:

    Am so happy about his irony statement but I want to assure him that he shouldn’t worry because a day is coming that we will not accept their dirty influence again. Is because of them that is why we are not developing. They always comes in to help but at the end steal as and go but now we are learning from our mistake so he shouldn’t worry because a day is coming that Africa will change for good

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  2. Emmanuel says:

    Well done Mr Trump

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