Ghana Health Service to suspend interview for the recruitment of 2019 Nurses.

This year opens as a good season for the 2016 batch of Nurses Assistant Preventives (NAP) And the Nurses Assistant clinicians (NAC) who have been fighting for their posting over two years now.

As government announce clearance for their posting, they were overwhelmed and thankful to God for hearing their prayers.


However,posting forms portal was announced to them to fill out and submit to their region of choice. They passed through alot of headache in the process of submitting their filled out forms .

They were told that, there Will be an interview for the recruitment and the date for the interview will be communicated to them later.

However it has got to our notice that,   Ghana Health services would be holding a meeting tomorrow (13th march 2019) to suspend the interview  to reduce stress and financial lost to the applicants.


It has been circulating that , government want to put this batch into stress since they consistently demonstrate against this current government, But the minister for health said it’s never true but they just want to sensitize the system.

However they are considering suspension of the interview to reduce stress.

NOTE: Until the ghana health service announce the suspension of the interview, all applicant’s should prepare for the interview date.

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  1. Nana Frimpong says:

    oh yes I was overwhelmed hearing about the suspension of the interview.This is because we have been home for almost 3yrs now and who knows the kind of questions he or she may be asked again can this question interrupt one chance of posting if he or she gets them wrong?please ignore the interview n do a proper orientation. I think that could be much better.


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