Police officer beaten up at work by 5 built men at Wassa Akropong .

ODIKRO OF Abreshia at Wassa Akropong in the Western Region, Nana Amoah Kumi Bediako II has reportedly caused some five stout built men to assault the Station Officer of Wassa Akropong, Inspector Tetteh Agbanyo .

The well-built assailants led by the Odikro, known in private life as Nana Kwao Kumi stormed the station office and descended heavily on the public officers.


They were said to have beaten Public Officer to pulp causing him to bleed profusely, caused unlawful damage to police accoutrements and issued threat of Harm.According to information available to DGN online, on March 22, 2019, around 10:30am, Nana Amoah Bediako II came to park his vehicle at an unauthorised place in front of the police charge office.

The Station Officer asked him to move the car and park at convennient place to devoid obstruction and also enable others have easy access to the charge office.Shockingly, Nana Bediako II purportedly became offended and slapped the station officer.

As if that is not enough, he went further and held him in the neck while in police uniform and tore the pollice uniform as well as destroyed his name tag and badge.However, efforts by the policemen on duty to arrest the Odikro was prevented by one Detective Inspector Alex Donkor who happens to be a native of the town and stationed at Wassa Akropong.


He was assisted by one civilian whose name was given as Alex Gyetuah and aided the Odikro to escape.Few hours later, at about 5:00pm on the same day, the Odikro of Wassa Abreshia stormed the Police Station with five stout men and attacked the policemen on duty and again attacked and punched the station officer on his nose which made him bled profusely.

He further threatened him with words to wit ‘l will kill you’.The Odikro has been arrested and efforts are being made to transfer him to the Division Headquarters for further investigation

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