Yaa Jackson is pregnant , see who’s Responsible for the pregnancy .

It is alleged that kumawood actress /Musician Yaa Jackson has got pregnant.  Maame Yaa Jackson was performing at Obuasi last three weeks,and she suddenly went down on her knees complaining of dizziness and started vomiting, she was rush to Obuasi AGA hospital for treatment. Per the lab investigations conducted on her proves she’s pregnant .


According to source , The pregnancy is two months old and the man behind the pregnancy is the signee of Unique music plus Record Label,Kobby Oxy.

Kobby Oxy

This Year has been good for Yaa Jackson and Kobby Oxy.  In the month of march 2019, it came out that,these two artists were dating seriously . These two artists came out with two mad song Mpaebo ( Kobby Oxy ft Yaa Jackson) and Omo Beka ( Yaa Jackson ft Kobby Oxy)..

Pictures of Kobby Oxy and Maame Yaa Jackson which proves that they are dating.

According to source, Kobby Oxy has been the songwriter for Yaa Jackson from day one, and the hit songs from Yaa Jackson is the good work of Kobby Oxy, to mention few ,omo Beka and Tear Rubber.


With these,it’s obvious that Kobby Oxy will be surely responsible for Yaa Jackson’s pregnancy.

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