Ghana must Turn back and watch our brothers and sisters who are taking the nation to the globe – Dj Chesco.

ADSE GANG are Ghanaian Artiste who are currently based in Germany.You can never imagine the amount of money a Ghana based Artiste will use to shoot the kind of videos these people shoot .But they are Ghanaians.

They are not recognised in Ghana but they are recognised overseas. Ghanaian Mainstreams Artiste Must get these people on board for featuring to help them to be recognise in the country and make us also to be recognised in other countries.

These ADSE GANG Ghanaian Artiste in Germany are set to release their new single Titled “Coming Up” that features a “Soulja Boys “ Artiste called Spinning 9.
This song is actually to be released soon with both audio and video.

Newsteil (ADSE GANG) ft Spinning 9 – Coming Up (Official Video).