iTzz E.F.O after going silent for sometime released one of the lead songs off his debut EP (THE UNEXPECTED EP) coming out God willing next year. 

Title of the song is “THE MATTER” this song is a very catchy and easy to sing along song. The main message about this song is about how young people, the youth specifically should go all out for for their dreams despite the many challenges they should follow their hearts but at the same time they should be weary of being arrogant and boastful thus he admonished them to be humble, work hard and they will surely be successful.

This was complimented by some lovely rap bars by Barnabas Jnr now (Jay Barns). Solidifying the message in the aforementioned. 

It’s an amazing song. Great instrumentals and lovely vocals coupled with strong but basic bars which every good music lover will put on repeat. Click download and judge for yourself.