Jay Coba features Kunta Kinte, Chiki Africa, and more on his new release

Jay Coba is a kumerican artist who has been in the music industry for years now and he is one of the popular artists in Kumasi as well. Jay Coba started his music career with Bradez of which Kunta Kinte was part of group . Due to some undisclosed circumstances, he pulsed his music career to prepare himself for the new era music.
Jay Coba has fully comes back to the game and he is going to be giving his fans nothing but the best music. In recent interview with ATM_BLOGGER , Jay Coba disclosed that, the kind of energy he is bringing to the music scene will take the ghana music industry global.


Talking about his current song #YASO which features kunta kinte, Chiki Africa, Lasmo And many other artists is the best in the system. He made it clear that he is coming to cause a positive impact in the industry that is why he features a couple of artists in the song and the kind of energy with which the song carries its message is on a different level.

pic of jay coba

He again talked about the digital streaming side of the music and how urgent every artist needs to join the digital streaming, avoid giving songs to bloggers to be uploaded for free download. He entreats all musicians to take digital streaming seriously.

According to Jay Coba, however, the way you will give Your Song out to your fans is how they received it. If you give your songs out for free downloads they will download them for free and you the artist will earn nothing but if you give them out to be stream and purchase they will purchase. This is called customer behavior on the side of the business.* Remember” he said, “we are in a pandemic and restrictions has been placed on events in the industry.


Jay Coba took a bold step to encourage music listeners to go online to the music stores to stream and purchase their songs. This is the new normal during this pandemic..
Kindly follow this link below to stream and purchase #YASO by JAY COBA FT KUNTA KINTE, CHIKI AFRICA, LASHMO, RAP STAR AND OTUO KWAME.


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