How to cook rice for a Diabetes patient ( Dietary management)


Diabetes is a very chronic disease that affect people now at day’s due to improper diet intake. Diabetes is mostly manage with or without insulin.

The very important factor to consider is dietary management , diet intake should be monitored . specifically, carbohydrates foods should be monitored very well since it raised the level of the blood sugar.

The most common carbohydrate food available in the whole world is rice. Rice also has high glucose level but there are several ways to reduce glucose level in rice.

To reduce glucose level in rice , follow these steps when cooking rice  for a diabetes patient.

1. wash the rice in a warm water for three times.

How to Cook Rice in Pressure Cooker05

2. Pour some amount of water in the cooking utensil as you want it and put it on fire and allow it to boil


3.put the rice in the water and Allow it to boil for 5-8 minutes

v4-759px-Cook-Rice-Over-a-Fire-Step-34. Bring it out from the fire and pour out all the white water and replace by another cool water but in less volume


5. Allow it to boil till it’s ready to serve .

How to Cook Rice in Pressure Cooker01

If you do this , it reduce the glucose level as well as the blood sugar level.

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