Tarkwa Residents blocks Road That leads to and through the township.

The residents of Tarkwa, a mining township in the Southern part of the Western Region have blocked roads leading to and through the town.

Joy News’ Justice Baidoo reports that the town has come to a total standstill Wednesday morning.

The residents are united in grief. The roads are very dilapidated despite several promises from subsequent governments to fix them.

 Tarkwa: Shown with red pointer 

Justice Baidoo who has been touring the area with the Lands and Natural Resources Minister and his deputy reports that the residents and traditional leaders have blocked the roads in a bid to send an emphatic message to the government.

“There is so much traffic that there’s no way in and no way out,” the reporter told Kojo Yankson on the AM Show on the Joy News channel on Multi TV.

The protestors have burnt car tyres on the roads which has sent a thick dark cloud of smoke into the morning sky. Cars have also been parked across the roads to prevent traffic flow.
Tarkwa protest - demo

Some of the protestors who spoke to Joy News expressed bitter concerns about a lot of “promise and fail” from different governments.

They said it is unacceptable that minerals are mined from their community to feed the country’s income but they lack behind in development.

Responding to the adverse effect of the protest on businesses and standstill it has caused, one of the protestors noted that it will inure for the greater good.

Tarkwa protest - demo

“Some two hours out of their time is nothing compared to the benefit of good roads,” the protestor told Joy News.

Although the police were not formally notified of the protest, the residents said the elders in the towns are fully behind them.

“The Nananom said this is the first and if nothing happens more would follow,” a local broadcaster said.

Tarkwa protest - demo

Tarkwa protest - demo

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