shatta wale visit Rev. Obofour.

The Dancehall king 👑 shatta wale paid visit to Rev. Obofour,the founder of Anointed palace Chapel (A.P.C) as response to his humble call.

Rev. Obofour calls on shatta wale to his home to discuss what God has review to him about shatta wale and to pray over it.

Shatta wale with all respect, visit Rev.obofour at his home to listen to the prophecy from the Powerful Rev.

Unfortunately,what shatta and Rev. Obofour discussed can’t be stated here due to some reasons however, shatta wale praised Rev. Obofour for the love he has showed him and for having a prophecy about him .

Shatta wale again said, ” I’m happy that Rev. Called me to say it to me directly”. He compares Rev. Obofour to other prophets’ in Ghana and said, ” Rev. Obofour is a true man of God, He doesn’t do his things like the fake Pastor who prophesize about me of dying before the end of last year. All because he want’s fame”.

” I now believe Rev. Obofour, he is highly powerful” , shatta stated .

After shatta wale finished praising Rev. Obofour , he told his fans who came around to believe in a true preacher like Rev. Obofour.

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