The coalition of unposted nurses who completed in 2016 has again showcase their pain to the current government.”we are in depression”. The coalition explained the pain in details.

In the 2016 Npp campaign message,Npp  made a clear package for nurses which includes restoration of allowance and posting after school.

Fortunately, The Npp government won the election peacefully, Allowance have been restored but the saddest part of it is that the government has rejected the 2016 batch . The nurses who completed in 2016 were the strong bone that supported Npp campaign. It seems their hardwork has be in vain.

It seems that is not enough , the current government led by Nana Addo promised them postings since 2017 February till date, but nothing has happen.

“It looks like this government is joking with our lives”, we were informed early this 2019 that, clearance has been given to the ministry of health from the finance ministry but nothing has happen .

Christian health ( chag) ,and other organizations has released their forms but Ghana health service forms are not out yet. “we want to know our stand under this current Npp government”

This and many more has caused us depression. “we are in depression”.

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