Martin Amidu to publish full List of cases to be prosecute .

The Office of the Special Prosecutor is on the verge of publishing a list of cases presented to the outlet for investigations and possible prosecution, board chair of the office, Madam Linda Ofori Kwarfo has disclosed.The Special Prosecutor’s Office, which is established under the Office of the Special Prosecutor Act 2017 (Act 959), is one of the highest priorities of the government to fight corruption.


The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, on Thursday, 12th July 2018, swore-into office the Governing Board of the Office of Special Prosecutor, at a brief ceremony at Jubilee House.Though not much has since been seen from the office, it appears they have been working behind the scenes and are on the verge of publishing a list of cases currently at their doorstep.

Speaking in an interview with Class FM, Madam Linda Ofori Kwarfo revealed that the Special Prosecutor, Lawyer Martin Amidu will in no time go public on the progress of work on cases so far.According to her, a series of underground work has been carried out by the office as they continue to look into a number of cases laid before them.“If you look at the Special Prosecutors Act, there is a provision that requires the office to make public to Ghanaians a list of cases they have been working on over a period of time.“I think it is supposed to be published in the daily newspapers.


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It is supposed to be seen so that you tell the public I have been working on cases A, B, C, D and these are the results that am getting, these are matters that I have concluded and whatever. I know that the office in due course, not too long from now will publish this list”, Madam Linda Ofori Kwarfo emphasised.



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