Abused, sold into marriage at 12 years old, and now a single mother of 42 children;

This is Mariam Nabatanzi’s story, the 39-year-old woman who has caused a stir online with news of her given birth to 42 children in just 15 pregnancy and she has been dubbed by locals as ‘Uganda’s most fertile woman’.


She gave birth to a record-breaking five sets of quadruplets and is now struggling to look after her 38 children alone after her husband left her.

Motherhood began at 13 for Mariam Nabatanzi when she delivered twins a year after getting married.
Five more sets of twins followed, along with four sets of triplets and the five sets of quadruplets.

The previous record of four quadruplets, according to the Guinness Book of Records, was set in 18th Century Russia.
According to Doctors the said Mariam’s pregnancies is as a result of hyper ovulation

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