Sarkodie seems to fail Nbee Gh after he promised him for collaboration.

In the middle of may 2019 ,the hardworking upcoming artist Nbee Gh released a video which he dissed sarkodie for not responding to his request for features.

Nbee Gh

According to the young Rapper he has sent more than 30 songs to sarkodie for collabo but sarkodie never mind him .

However when sarkodie saw this video on twitter, he promised Nbee Gh to link up for collabo. He said this on his twitter and facebook handle and he wrote “if anyone knows him kindly alert him, l owe him a verse so let link up”

When Nbee Gh saw sarkodie reply to his video,he was amazed which he did another video to thank sarkodie

Watch video below

Letter to king sark video

Over one month now nothing is happening, NbeeGh express disappointment in sarkodie for not fulfilling his promise.

Nbee Gh took this to his twitter handle and made a tweet begging sarkodie to arrange time for him so that his promise would be fulfilled .

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