Eugene Arhin Announces the official releasing Date for THE MMDCE’s List by the President.

Government of Ghana has been battling on decisions on how and when to releases the full list of the metropolitan,municipal and District Chief Executives for various districts in the country. It’s almost one year after the president of the Republic of Ghana His Excellency Nana Addo was re-elected to the office of Presidency for the second time.


The MMDCE’s are the president representative in the various municipalities and districts. They ensures that the municipals and the Districts developed very well. No government in Ghana Constitution can develop the country without the MMDCE’s involvement, they play very vital role in governance. Their absence in governance can affects economic growth.


At the first press conference held at Jubilee House on Friday. Mr. Eugene Arhin spoke with members of the Presidential Press Corps:The President pointed out that there is no gap in the metropolitan, municipal and regional councils at this time, because the old MMDCEis still in the charge, every day Perform their respective functions “. “So when he decides to announce (I think it should be soon), I think it will be announced through the local government and the Ministry of Rural Development,” he said. Therefore, he insisted, “this has not impeded the work of the metropolitan, municipal and district at all levels, so I do not think there is any process of concern, because the work at each level of the MMDCE is still underway.”.


The appointment of the MMDCE took a two-pronged approach, namely the creation of committees at the regional level to review those who expressed interest in these positions. Four people from each city, city council and district were shortlisted and presented at the national level.

The second review process was chaired by Dan Kwaku Botwe, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development. The committee headed by Dan Botwe has presented its report to the president as a final deciding factor. According to Mr. Arhin, the president will release the list this week ( within the week).


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