How to control the type of ads that appear on your channel ( Best Option Ever)



Advertising revenue is an important source of income for many content creators. However, in the past, you might have been confused or worried about some ads that were running before your videos. YouTube this week sought to address such issues when it rolled out new ad controls for creators.

Here’s how to control the type of ads that appear on your channel.


AdSense blocking controls enable you to tell YouTube which ads or types of ads you don’t want viewers to see on your channel.

Just as not every channel is suitable for every advertiser, not every advertiser is suitable for every channel. For example, you might get really upset if a beer ad was shown before your back to school shopping video. Likewise, if you have discussed the topic of moderation on your channel, beer advertising may be harmful to you and your viewers.


This is why YouTube created AdSense blocking controls. Think of it.


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